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Ben Gorton Scout Narrowboat

The prices below are for the boat inclusive & is shown split between 8 campers, all Leaders go free unless you decide to cut the cost to the Scouts & ask the Leaders for a contribution towards say their food etc. Regardless of how many are on the boat the cost is as below in column 3 “Price of Boat” for the hire period.

Nights/Days Suggested Period Price of boat Example Example  
A - 0/1 Beaver taster days
10am to 4pm
No food supplied
Packed lunchs require
N/A N/A  
B - 2/2 Fri evening - Sunday
(Standard weekend)
£400.00 £50.00 N/A  
C - 2/3 Fri morning - Sunday
(long weekend)
£448.00 £56.00 N/A  
D - 3/4 Friday to Monday
(Bank Holiday weekend)
£580.00 £72.50 £36.25  
E - 4/5 Half week
(Half of a half term)
£732.00 £91.50 £45.75  
F - 5/6 Sunday to Friday
(Mid week)
£900.00 £112.50 £56.25  
G - 7/8 Fri evening to Fri morning /
Sat evening to Sat morning
£1,160.00 £145.00 £72.50  
H - 8/9 Fri to Sat or Sat to Sun
(Extended week)
£1,300.00 £162.50 £81.25  
J - 9/10 Friday to Sunday
(9 nights)
£1,456.00 £182.00 £91.00  

**Other periods available on request - Summer camp - 1, 2, or 3 weeks to accommodate more Scouts on a camp by splitting them over a period.

  • The figures in the 3rd column represent the actual cost, the other columns are examples of what you can charge your Cubs/Scouts, I.E., Divide column 3 by how many on the boat to find the individual cost. Some Groups charge a percentage for their Leaders toward food. This brings down the Cubs/Scouts cost.
  • Prices do not attract VAT.
  • Prices include:- Fuel, gas, standard menu as agreed beforehand (no takeaways, etc), license fees, pump outs and qualified Skipper.
  • Prices do not include any extra licenses that may be required for the river Thames or the river Wey (only required on long camps)
  • The Ben Gorton is only for use with a skipper.
  • Sessions are when you hire the boat for a period and you change over crews during your hire time.
  • Skipper is available to come to Scout/Guide Hut for a evening to talk/explain the do's and don'ts on the boat if required.
  • Boat starting points :- Northolt (Main starting point as secure car parking and in walking distance from Northolt station), Bulls Bridge Southall, Alperton, Broxbourne, Waltham Abbey, other by arrangement.

Ben Gorton Scout Narrowboat
High Line Yachting, The Boat Yard, Rowdell Rs, Northolt, UB5 6AG

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